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  • Meyn has been fully dedicated to poultry processing since 1959 with the vision of providing right solutions for the right operations.


  • Working with Meyn means you will have a partner that will enable you to meet the challenges of today’s market with intelligent, innovative, customized and sustainable solutions.

Air chilling, as the name suggests, uses controlled flows of chilled air to bring the product to the desired temperature. This method is chosen in many applications as it is very clean (and thus assures minimal risk of cross contamination) and uses no water. Air chilling can only be applied when processing fresh products. The process works by passing the birds through an air chilling tunnel. The tunnel can be designed to accommodate up to four layers of birds, thus saving space and energy.


Birds, hanging from the overhead conveyor in special chilling shackles, are conveyed through the tunnel. Special air coolers and fan outlets within the tunnel produce, depending upon design, either a top to bottom or a cross line flow of chilled air. T-track overhead conveyor inside the air chilling tunnel.

Meyn's delivery programme offers two shackle types, a one-leg shackle and a two-leg shackle. The two-leg shackle allows for the automatic transfer from chilling to cut up lines and the possibility to automatically weigh the birds before and after the chilling line. The use of a one-leg shackle system enables considerable savings in space requirements, however some deformation of the carcasses is inevitable. The one-leg shackle allows for the automatic transfer of products from the chilling to the weighing lines.


Meyn air chilling systems are efficient with optimum airflow and evaporator design resulting in maximum chilling effect and reducing weight loss to a minimum. Refrigeration components such as evaporators and fans are all PLC controlled for easy and reliable operation.

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