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Spray chilling can be applied in the processing and production of ‘frozen products’ or hard scalded birds, as well as ‘fresh products’ or soft scalded birds. This chilling method uses a cold airflow across the surface of the product and intermittent spraying with cold water. This system prevents the skin from drying out and speeds up the chilling process. With this technique, the discolouration of the skin, which can occur with hard scalded birds, is prevented.


With spray chilling, the chilling tunnel features air coolers placed above the product to deliver a top down airflow, with water sprayers positioned on the overhead conveyor. A carefully balanced and controlled combination of chilled air and water spray rapidly and consistently chills products for processing and later freezing.

One and two-leg shackle options are also available in Meyn spray chilling systems. As with the air chilling line, the spray chilling line allows the option of weighing the birds before and after chilling. Within automated lines, the two-leg option is recommended as this model allows automatic transfer to weighing and cut up lines and the birds are more effectively presented for cut up without deformations. Normally, spray chilling tunnels are designed to take one layer of birds in order to prevent cross contamination. Two layers are possible, but the bottom layer must be positioned in between the lines of the top layer to prevent drip contamination and additional drip troughs are required.

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