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  • High capacity handling in a variety of flexible layouts

  • Easily integrated into existing production lines

  • No standard trucks required

  • Many crate types available

Modern poultry crates are made of durable, hygienic synthetic materials and can be re-used many times. The Meyn crate supply system can provide high capacity handling in a variety of flexible layouts and is easily integrated into existing production lines.


Meyn's range of crate washing machines covers all crate types and required capacities. Each crate washer is provided with a multi phase washing cycle, a final rinse with fresh water and automatic disinfection. Recycling of water in the first phase, combined with separation of pollution, effectively reduces the water and energy consumption without compromising the washing result.


Meyn's crate systems can be offered as complete solutions as well as stand alone equipment:


  • Automatic destackers

  • Semi automatic destacking lift

  • Crate weighing systems

  • Crate presoak and washing systems

  • Automatic crate stackers

  • Various types of crate conveyors

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