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  • Simple process of mechanically pushing the bones through a rubber diaphragm

  • Very high yield and extremely low bone content

  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain

  • Can easily be integrated

  • Sturdy construction

  • D50: Knuckle saw for deboning of drumsticks option

  • D100: Tendon cutting unit for deboning of drumsticks option


The Meyn D50 and D100 deboners are regarded as the industry benchmark for high capacity production of deboned thigh or drum meat. The systems are characterised by their simplicity, resulting a virtually meat free bone combined with a minimum of adjustments and maintenance.


The D50 thigh deboner can mechanically debone anatomical thighs at a maximum capacity of 3,000 products per hour. The thighs are supplied to the stand alone machine by using e.g. a belt conveyor. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a knuckle saw which allows the processing of drumsticks on the same machine.


With a capacity of 6,000 products an hour, the Meyn D100 deboner offers very high yield and extremely low bone content on a compact floor space. In the standard version the machine processes thighs only, but with the optional tendon cutter installed it will also process drumsticks at an excellent yield.

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