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  • Activation of the biologic mechanism of rigor mortis

  • Low voltage, no damage to bone structure

  • Tender meat within 3 hours post mortem

  • Placed above the bleeding through, no separate room necessary


The electrical stimulator is part of Meyn’s accelerated maturation concept. The use of electrical stimulation shortens the time post mortem that the product needs to reach rigor mortis, the state in which the product can be deboned with the tenderest result. A large chill room space, needed for a long maturation time, can be avoided, considerably reducing required floor space and cost.

A stimulation time of a minimum of 32 seconds is recommended for an optimum result. This will produce a tender fillet within two hours and 45 minutes. The system configuration consists of single and double lane modules which can be placed above the bleeding trough. The set up can be composed after client specific parameters such as shackle pitch and capacity.

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