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  • Effective evisceration machine resulting in a maximum yield

  • Yield increased up to 20 gram per griller

  • Exact positioning of the bird in machine, results in a reliable operation

  • Wide weight range can be processed within one machine setting




In plants processing at high speeds even the smallest detail can make a huge difference and maximizing yield is essential for each product. During evisceration, a considerable amount of fat is often removed from the carcass together with the viscera pack. With the Meyn fat retention machine, the majority of the leaf fat remains attached to the carcass after removal of the viscera. After this, several options are possible. The fat-pads can be harvested in the evisceration line and can be sold as a by-product.


Furthermore, it can be left in the griller and sold as whole bird or it can be processed in the cut up line. The fat retention machine is a unique processing step in the evisceration department, which efficiently maximizes yield.

Without Fat Retention Machine
With Fat Retention Machine
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