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  • Constant high evisceration result on a wide bird
    weight range within one machine setting

  • Spring-loaded mechanism resulting in constant
    superior evisceration result and increases spoon
    life cycle

  • Low maintenance costs and downtime

  • Most successful eviscerator in the market for many

  • Effective evisceration system, no back up
    personnel needed

  • Virtually no loss of packages, guaranteed less than

  • Wide range of models, covering all types of  chickens

  • Compact yet flexible layout

  • Complete separation of viscera pack, contamination
    of the outside of the birds is omitted

  • No packs on back of birds

  • Low risk on intestine damage

  • Excellent liver quality

  • Low risk on crop damage

  • High pressure pump option

  • Line drive option

  • Intestine cutting module option

  • Yolk harvesting plate option

  • Safety doors set option

The Meyn Maestro eviscerator is, by far, the best sold and most applied eviscerator in the world. The Meyn Maestro eviscerator can handle the widest weight ranges within one flock and setting as well as over different flocks. With the Maestro, unrivalled evisceration performances can be obtained at the lowest possible downtime and running costs available.

The spring-loaded spoon mechanism assures a constant superior evisceration result without any damage to the liver. The back plate adjustment and long stroke result in an optimal performance and the ability to process a very wide weight range. At the outlet of the machine, the birds pass through a compact yet effective washing station in order to reduce the risk of faecal contamination. Furthermore, the Meyn Maestro can handle virtually all types of evisceration lines and shackles and can also successfully be incorporated into competitor lines.

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