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  • Excellent transfer rate, no back up personnel required.

  • Can be applied in virtually any combination of lines.

  • Maximum capacity 12,000 birds per hour, independent of shackle pitch.

  • Very accurate weighing, independent of product weight range.

  • Sophisticated control unit, automatic start up, reduction of downtime.

The RM1200 series rehangers provides a complete set of process management possibilities, including combined weigher/rehanger with an accuracy guaranteed to hold a standard deviation of less than 0.4%. The multifunctional RM1200 is modular, with three independently functioning modules housed together in a stainless steel frame.


The modularity allows the Meyn rehanger to be integrated seamlessly into an existing production process. Moreover, the infeed and outfeed sections can be tailored to specific requirements. Regardless of shackle pitch, leg distance, bird weight and line speed of the infeed and outfeed lines, the RM1200 rehanger will transfer the birds smoothly and effectively.

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