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  • Robust and reliable construction with a very small chance of causing failures in the system.

  • Increased loading surface per container, allowing for higher truckloads within governmental regulations.

  • Open construction, improving the air flow through the container both during transport and waiting periods. The chance of suffocating the birds is reduced considerably.

  • Controlled dumping of the birds in tilting unit: efficient, high capacity and a minimum loss of quality.

  • Perfect hygiene as a result of container and truck floor design.

  • Flexibility in layout, ranging from basic to fully automated.

  • Automatic unloading and loading of truck at processor's site possible

  • Advanced system, which is still easy to operate and maintain due to a clever control system.

  • Automatic truck unloading/loading option


Meyn containers are horizontally subdivided into four or five compartments by ‘animal friendly’ synthetic plates. Furthermore, Meyn containers have no lateral divisions. This provides better air circulation and means less stress for the birds and thus far fewer DOA’s (dead on arrival) in comparison to other container systems currently available.

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