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  • The neck is broken and removed without damaging the neck skin

  • The neck length can be set very accurately, the neck can even be broken between the shoulders

  • Exact positioning of the bird in the machine, which results in a very high performance

  • The shoulder supports prevent that a wing, broken or not, will be damaged by the breaking unit

  • A wide weight range can be processed within one machine setting

  • Sturdy construction, resulting in very low maintenance cost

  • Full discharge of all chicken parts from the processing units, operators are no longer tempted to pick parts from a running machine, which greatly improves operator safety.

  • Neck skin trimming unit option

The Meyn neck breaker removes necks to the highest accuracy and consistency. The possibility to adjust the neck length depending on end product requirements makes it possible to optimize yield. Even very short neck stumps (between the shoulders) are possible.


The sideways clamping device avoids unnecessary neck skin damage and combined with the shoulder supports, wing damage is completely eliminated. 


The necks fall directly in the receiving bin without touching the units or birds. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and keeps the machine clean allowing it to run without human interference. By simply changing the cam insert, the machine can also be used as a neck breaker that leaves the neck in the neck skin attached to the bird.

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