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  • With new "Drawer Grande", fully capable of capacities up to 15,000 birds per hour

  • Robust construction, designed for many years of trouble free operation

  • Gentle bird handling as result of electric drives and rack and pinion mechanisms

  • Separate washing of module frames and crates resulting in perfect hygiene

  • Automatic weighing of loaded and empty crates, including lot registration option

  • Integrated dust collection system at point of hanging option

  • Advanced crate washing system including presoak phase option

  • Integrated DOA counting and discharging system option


In many countries there is a strong demand for live bird handling systems that are easy to use and maintain, yet are fully automated and efficient. When such a system would also combine the best possible bird quality with a limited investment level and perfect hygiene, this could well be a winning combination.


All of this characteristics are found In the Meyn drawer system for live bird handling.

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