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  • Wide weight range can be processed within one machine setting

  • Exact positioning of the bird in machine, results in a high performance

  • Inlet guides designed to overcome wing damage

  • Very sturdy construction

  • Double knife killer option

  • Decapitator option

The result of the killing machine largely influences the end quality of the product. Should a bird not be correctly cut, this could result in insufficient bleeding which in its turn can results in downgraded meat quality because of haemorrhages, shortened shelf life and there is even a big chance on loosing the bird for consumption totally.


Meyn’s single or dual killing machines allow precise positioning of the neck and the high shaft speed delivers an optimum clean cut without fraying of the neck skin. The neck of the bird is captured between guide bars and passed across a motorised circular knife or knives, incising either one or both sides of the neck.

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