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  • Three different types of signal selectable

  • Very high percentage a quality filet

  • Adjustable water level

  • Hygienic design







Meyn offers two types of stunners; a conventional stunner as well as a high frequency stunner. Both can be offered in a wide range of dimensions suitable for each specific situation.


In the conventional water bath stunner, the birds are hung in the shackles of the overhead conveyor by their feet and their heads pass through the water bath. Electrodes in the water bath and the shackle guide deliver the stunning shock as the bird’s head enters the water, effectively completing an electrical circuit.

The main advantage of high frequency stunning (over 50 or 60 Hz) is that the electric current at this frequency tends to run along the surface of the birds. This decreases the number of haemorrhages, largely reducing possible damage to the birds and thus benefiting meat quality.


Meyn’s stunners only require a minimum amount of water, keeping energy costs to an absolute minimum. They are easy to use, adjust and maintain forming an optimum start of the slaughtering process.

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