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  • Improved design to reduce maintenance

  • Hinging frame to rotate the module off-line

  • Height and the distance to the products easy to adjust

  • An open construction to prevent accumulating feathers




The Meyn tail feather puller removes most of the long tail feathers from the tails. Removing the tail feathers with a dedicated plucker makes the plucking process more effective as the main pluckers can be set to work in other areas of the carcass in a more gentle process.


The tail feather puller consists of two rollers that are mounted close together. The position of the rollers is set in such a way that the tail feathers are caught in between the rollers, effectively pulling the feathers from the tail.



The design of the tail feather puller has been significantly improved:

  • Improved bearing construction for the pulling rollers.

  • This new design significantly improves the lifetime of the bearings compared to the old design (less maintenance).

  • Improved cleanability and maintainability because of the new hinge construction to rotate the module off-line.

  • The height and the distance to the product can easily be adjusted during production to compensate for different size products.

  • An open construction to prevent accumulating feathers.

  • Adjustable product guides to support size variations.

  • Improved in-feed flights on the rollers, to prevent the thighs from being damaged.

  • Improved machine design for maintenance (grease nipples and better access to components).

  • A stand alone supporting frame.

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