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  • Flexible configuration making optimum use of (limited) floor space.

  • Modular set-up to balance capacity and investment.

  • Reliable and constant performance.

  • Optimum end product presentation.

  • Maximum labor savings.


An essential part of Meyn’s evisceration program is giblet harvesting. Meyn can supply a complete range of giblet harvesting solutions, from manual to fully automatic, suitable for different applications and every market requirement.


Starting with the Meyn Maestro, the unrivaled eviscerator in the market, over 99.5% packs are available for harvesting. With an optimum product presentation, the packs are transported to the new Mags automatic giblet harvesting system. The intestines and gall are automatically removed from the liver and all edible organs (livers, hearts and gizzard) are separated.

The Meyn Mags automatic giblet harvesting system is a modular and expandable system to balance the initial equipment investment with the required capacity and with possibilities to increase capacity when needed in the future. The harvesting modules with a maximum capacity of 6,000 packs per hour each, can be installed in any place along the pan conveyor after carcass inspection. The system is very flexible regarding layout and can be oriented perpendicular or parallel to as well as on either side of the pan conveyor. The modules are constructed according to the highest safety and hygienic standards.

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